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Lending a hand to Haitian Orphans

After a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, we visited the county and witnessed the suffering of orphan children from birth to college. It was alarming to see young kids in such a painful situation. Experiencing the aftermath of this tragedy first-hand motivated our group, who share the same heritage, to start working diligently on providing relief for Haitian children and giving them the opportunity for a better life in the near future.

Haiti Project – Education, Housing & Medical Care

Our nonprofit organization’s goal is to construct a church, hospital, and orphanage featuring an educational facility for Pre-K to college. The planned site for these buildings is located at the Village of La Plate Commune de Bassin-Bleu in Northwest Haiti. Realizing this is a monumental undertaking, Help Children of God INC. seeks legal guidance and your assistance in raising funds to complete construction. We are genuinely appreciative of any way you can support our efforts to help children in Haiti. Read More»

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